31 days of Halloween movies [part 3]

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Welcome to my personal selection of horror movies to watch in this spooky month. In this third instalment, we are diving into bloody sexy vampire horror. Unfortunately like werewolf movies, vampire movies seem to be mostly romances or comedies. Which I think is a damn shame for these immortal creatures that if given the opportunity can be just the terrifying creatures they should be.

Beware spoilers below!


Day 10

Afflicted (2013)


There are not many found footage films that I absolutely adore but Afflicted is the exception. Afflicted is definitely in my opinion a great example of how to use the found-footage style to its advantage. I found I was distracted by the special effects and makeup that I was entranced by what was happening to our hapless protagonist.

Afflicted follows two friends, Derek and Clif who are taking the rip of a lifetime, as Derek is suffering from a terminal condition. During a night out in a bar, Derek starts to feel sick the next day but soon after develops life-changing powers. However, all is not well with Derek, as he realises there is a dark price to pay for this new strength and he seeks to find the truth before he is completely consumed.

Day 11

Blade (1998)


Blade was my favourite vampire movie when I was a teenager and I think it still is, with having several rewatches over the years. Just for its bloody opening scene, it is worthy of being on this list. Definitely would recommend watching both Blade and Blade 2 but Blade Trinity, unfortunately, loses all the darkness that made the first two films so compelling. Maybe the new Blade movie coming out in 2022 can write some wrongs, but considering its likely PG-13 rating, I expect to be disappointed.

Blade is a half-human/half-vampire hybrid that is full of self-loathing for himself and hatred for vampires for his mother’s death in childbirth. On a mission to rid the world of the violent merciless blood-suckers, he comes across a megalomanic vampire called Deacon Frost. This vampire has nightmarish plans that will result in the destruction of the world if not stopped by Blade.

Day 12

Blood Red Sky (2021)

Blood Red Sky

For full details of Blood Red Sky, you can read my 4.5-star review of it. In short, it is an action-horror that packs an emotional punch. Much like the aforementioned Afflicted, you feel for the woman who is trying to reverse her condition but is put into an impossible situation when things don’t go as planned. But don’t think this doesn’t have gory moments as it does in abundance, as well as brilliant vampire makeup and special effects.

A mother and her son board a transatlantic overnight flight, that will take the mother to a doctor who she hopes will be able to find a cure for her mysterious illness. But things go awry when a group of terrorists hijack the plane, and the mother must do everything she can to protect her child, risking not only her life but unveiling her dark secret.

Bonus vampire movies

Near Dark
Stake Land

Watch this space for more Halloween horror recommendations later in the month. If this is not enough Halloween horror, don’t forget to check out my post, Best Online Horror Festivals.

What movies are on your Halloween list this month?

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