About The ScreenSlut

On this site, you will find reviews about movies and tv series in the horror genre, science fiction and occasionally some fantasy. I will review new films and TV series but also a lot of the classics and unknown entertainment from the ’80s onwards.

Horror is perhaps the most varied genre with many subgenres, ranging from zombiessupernaturalcomedyslashersbody horrorsci-fimonsters, plus much more. Horror contrary to popular belief is not always about the hacking and slashing of limbs, bloody gruesome deaths or deranged psychopaths. It can also feature statements about society, growing up, relationship dynamics, abuse or mental health.

Horror like many other genres is very personal so what you may find excites or creeps you out, might not affect another person. Also though horror can be scary, it doesn’t always have to be. It can be fun, creepy or beautiful and so on. In fact, horror in its original incarnation was made to amuse rather than scare. Nevertheless, whatever horror subgenre is your favourite jam, horror stories are fun escapism and healing entertainment to distract you from the horrors that sometimes can be daily life.

Horror in all its forms are ripe fruit to feed the brain and your imagination – about the twisted, the weird, the downright eerie and the horrible things lurking in the shadows. 

I am not a fan of some subgenres like extreme horrortorture, rape-revenge, and sometimes I just don’t have time for found footage. So these sub-genres will not likely feature a lot on this site. However, in any sub-genre, I always find that there are gems that surprise me.

The purpose of this website

This is a passionate project developed by me (aka The ScreenSlut) to find all the underrated horror and sci-fi gems. What I noticed, and I am sure many others have, trying to find new films in both these genres, becomes a full-time mission in itself.

If you just search via Google, a lot of the search results in the first few pages, pretty much share the same recommendations, no matter what you search for. And you can forget about using words underrated as this is clearly lost all meaning. As an avid fan and consumer of horror and sci-fi, this can become increasingly frustrating, to say the least.

So with The ScreenSlut, I hope to share my painstakingly searches for truly unknown and underrated films and TV shows, with anyone else who is looking for new and fresh content.

Other features

All my reviews will be spoiler-free unless clearly stated. However, with that in mind, I include trigger warnings for each film or TV show at the beginning. We all want to consume content at a ferocious pace, but we all have our personal triggers that can sneak up on us when we don’t look at any information regarding the piece of content.

So for those, who are sensitive to certain types of themes and graphic content, these trigger warnings should give you an overview of what to expect. As with trigger warnings, by their very nature are spoilers, so I keep them contained in a tab you can open if you wish.

Disclosure Policy

If you offer me a preview of your movie, this does not mean I will automatically review it.  If I do decide to review it, it may not be positive. There is no special treatment for freebies or previews.

On the other hand, however, I will take into consideration that indie filmmakers are already struggling in the business with their limited budgets. For that reason, if I find that I do not have anything positive to say, I will refrain from reviewing it.

However, big studios will not get any light treatment and are fair game.

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