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Last updated June 2024

The ScreenSlut is a website for all things related to horror and sci-fi featuring reviews, monthly wrap-ups and lists and so on. This is not a news site, but we do not discourage news being discussed if relevant to the article. The ScreenSlut allows comments on all posts and some pages where appropriate. To ensure this website remains of the highest quality, I have enforced a comment policy to stop spam and ensure this site is a pleasant experience for all.

While I appreciate each comment, if your comment does not follow my comment policy, it will be removed. Continuous abuse of the policy will result in permanent ban of the IP address, domain, and the email used.

The ScreenSlut welcomes all genders, all sexes, any sexual orientation, all races and any persons with disabilities. However, this is not a site for minors (those under the age of 13), as some of the films/TV and topics being discussed are not appropriate for younger audiences.


What to Do If Your Comment Does Not Appear

If you leave a comment on this site, and it does not appear in a reasonable time period (1 day), and you know that it does not violate these Comment Policies, please contact me using the contact form. Please be as descriptive as possible in your message, so I can troubleshoot it effectively.


Valid Email or Social Media Profile

The ScreenSlut supports using email or social media profiles for commenting. At the time of writing – Facebook, Twitter and WordPress are the only supported social media accounts allowed. This is subject to change in future, with notice. Email addresses/social media logins are required for commenting, and they are not published on the blog, nor shared. Email addresses that look like spam will be flagged as spam.


I will never publish your personal information on the blog. Accordingly, do not share private information within your comment. I will delete phone numbers, email addresses, or any other private or personal information to protect the affected party. This is not the place to exchange contact information with other visitors.


This website is written in English, so please leave your comments in English.

Though we all have access to Google translate, I will not be able to respond to your requests or comments clearly and in full, if I do not understand it.

Language that is abusive, threatening, pornographic, offensive, misleading or libellous language will be removed without warning.

Civilized discussion only

Strong language is OK as long as it is not directed at any person(s). Showing your emotion by using strong language is probably the most appropriate e.g. “This film is fucking awesome!”.

Any derogatory language directed towards these protected characteristics (race, sex, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation) or any other forms of hate-speech, will be removed without warning.

Any discussion of high profile people such as directors or writers etc is allowed, if relevant to the film or TV show. Unsubstantiated facts about individuals from sources such as from far right organizations, gossip news or tabloids will not be tolerated.

Add Value

The ScreenSlut reserves the right to remove any comment which does not add to the conversation, runs off on an inappropriate tangent, or kills the conversation. All spam comments will be deleted because they do not add value to the site.

How to add value

  • Add smart, relevant ideas that expand on an article’s premise — read the article before you comment
  • Drop funny references or jokes that carry the conversation forward
  • Offer useful, constructive (not stupid or ugly) criticism
  • Ask for recommendations from the writer
  • Offer recommendations to other users
  • Any combination of the above

How to not add value

Here are some examples (not comprehensive, but you’ll get the idea) of types of comments that’ll ensure your failure to communicate, at least on The ScreenSlut:

  • There are keywords and/or your business name in the name field of the comment form
  • Comments that demonstrate you didn’t read, watch, or listen to the content
  • Comments that simply restate or repeat information from the article and don’t carry the conversation forward
  • Off-topic personal or professional rants
  • Threats to me or other visitors
  • Any form of defamation
  • Racist or obscene nastiness
  • Violation of anyone’s copyright, trademark, etc.
  • Promotions about and/or links back to your product, service, or latest venture – without provocation

‘Shouting’ and other forms of attention-seeking

Online, the composing of entire words, sentences or posts in capital letters is generally considered ‘shouting’ and, in most communities, is frowned upon. Here, it is regarded as inappropriate conduct.

Likewise, the use of HTML tags intended for appropriate emphasis – such as and – to change the appearance of an entire paragraph or post rather than a small handful of words, is also not accepted.

These behaviours are considered an attempt to have one’s comment stand out from those of other participants, as they can surely serve no other obvious purpose than to speak over your fellow commenters.

The offending posts will be removed, repeat offenders may be banned.

Limit Links

I do not disallow links, but due to spam they will be heavily moderated. If you are using my site, to promote your own without valid reasons, these will be removed without warnings.

More than one link will be automatically added to my moderation queue to ensure they meet these standards.

No Personal Attack Comments Permitted

In the interest of fair play, no personal attacks are permitted in this site’s comments. You may question or argue the content, but not attack the writer, nor any other commenters.

Failure to respect fellow participants on this site could result in removal and blocked access.

All Rights Reserved

The ScreenSlut’s admin reserves the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments. We also have the right to block access to anyone or group from commenting on the entire site.

This comment policy is subject to change at any time.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, you may contact The ScreenSlut by using the contact form.