Best gifts for horror and sci-fi fans

In honour of my upcoming birthday, I thought a post about gifts for horror and sci-fi fans was in order. It can be terrible to find presents for someone, let alone someone with a particular niche obsession that sometimes can be horror or sci-fi. No one wants to spend their time and money getting a gift and finding that your certain someone has got 10 of those already. 

Finding gifts for horror fans or sci-fi nerds is hard enough especially if you are not into those genres. Or perhaps, your particular loved one has more specialized taste in a horror sub-genre.

There are hundreds of lists that can probably find a variety of stuff that suits the more general tastes of horror and sci-fi fanatics. But in everything that is posted on The ScreenSlut, I try to find something that is slightly unknown or off the radar.

So read on for gift ideas for your devious horror or sci-fi obsessed loved one!

Outlander T-shirt

Outlander T-shirt

This t-shirt is for fans of both the book series and TV show that is Outlander. For those uninformed, it follows an English combat nurse from 1945 that is transported back in time to 1743 where tensions between the English and the Scottish are red hot. A bit of historical fantasy drama with sci-fi time travel thrown into the mix.

Lithographs make these T-shirts that feature an image that represents the movie/book or TV series, and usually have the script or novel printed in a tiny font (that is still readable) over the whole shirt. 

It is such an original gift, that people will just be amazed and you can take a little bit of your favourite show with you.

Outlander T-shirt, Litographs, $34.00

Lithographs have several sci-fi gifts including pillows, bags, puzzles and posters.

Other notable items include:

Final Girl Horror Mug

Final Girl Horror Mug

Those who love horror will love this final girl mug. Printed in dripping blood, with the words final girl, it is perfect for your beverage needs during horror marathons.

Final Girl Mug, Etsy, £12.01

Alien earrings

Xenomorph Earrings

If you are a massive fan of sci-fi horror like me, I doubt you can resist these earrings. I know I didn’t. Damn you Facebook ads! In black and silver finishes, you can have your favourite xenomorph swinging from your ear holes. Just be careful when wearing a mask, it hurts a lot if you tug them!

Xenomorph Earrings, Wrist Heroes, $9.95 (Sale Price)

Zombie Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

Walking Undead Zombie Salt and Pepper Shakers Holder

You probably only want to have this out when you have appreciating guests (and probably any children will either love it or fear it). But you know it’s a great way to jazz up your kitchen, which is probably sorely lacking in horror memorabilia. I mean kitchens seem like the perfect place for horror pieces.

Walking Undead Zombie Salt and Pepper Shakers Holder, ATl (via Amazon), £30.62

H.P. Lovecraft Collection

The H. P. Lovecraft Collection

For those who may have watched the many and various adaptations of Lovecraft’s stories, but perhaps have not read his fiction. It features all of Cthulhu novellas as well as his early macabre stories and his tales of the dreamlands.

The H. P. Lovecraft Collection (Hardcover), Amazon, £29.68

Nyform Trolls

Nyform Trolls

You may have experienced the phase of Dam Trolls, which became a mini-fad in the 90s. But unlike Dam Trolls, Nyform Trolls are a lot more sinister looking. Nyform Trolls have their origins in Norway, where the legends have their trick or even eat humans. If you have read my The Ash Lad Review, that story is based on a character Askeladden, who was able to outsmart a troll.

A lot of things in American media have been romanticized but I love how Scandinavians have just decided to embrace the dark side of their myths.

Get the Nyform Troll collection available at Scandinavian Gifts – prices start from $34.00

How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills book

How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills book

Now I might need this for myself, as I am very clumsy. As I have said on Twitter, I would most likely kill myself before the villain even got his swipe at me. Sorry horror villains! Don’t worry this isn’t a super-serious book, it has a lot of humour in it. 

And no matter what your favourite horror sub-genres is, this book deals with all of them.

How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills, Amazon, £8.95 (Paperback)

UFO Abduction Bookends

UFO Abduction Bookends

Now you will certainly need some bookends to hold up and compliment all the new books on this list. So here I have found some beautifully crafted bookends that can add a smile to your face. A bit on the pricey side, but not many people will have these in their homes. Plus if you have a theme in your books, why not show it even further?

UFO Abduction Bookends, KnobCreekMetalArts (via Etsy), £63.22

A Zombie Bunny Mug

Zombie Petz Thumper Zombunny Mug

You can’t have enough mugs, especially if you like both tea and coffee. This mug features a zombie rabbit, which if were actually real would be adorable and terrifying at the same time. I particularly like this mug, as it reminds me of a few of the NPC bunnies they have in World of Warcraft.

Zombie Petz Thumper Zombunny Mug, GrindStore, £4.99

Jurassic Park Raptor Claw Bottle Opener

Jurassic Park Raptor Claw Bottle Opener

Not only is this bottle opener handy, but if you want to you can recreate that scene where Sam Neill scares that poor kid by describing how he will be destroyed by raptors. I don’t recommend doing that to kids btw!

Jurassic Park Raptor Claw Bottle Opener, GeekCore, £9.99

Last but not least I also found an interesting freebie, all it requires is something to place it on. So get down to your local junkyard or tip, to find some backing!

Visions of the Future (NASA Posters)

Visions of the Future (NASA Posters)

If you have a friend or family member that dreams of going to space, this will be the perfect gift. Unfortunately, unless you are an astronaut or apparently a billionaire, it’s not likely you will visit the stars. So why not bring a bit of space magic into your home! All of these posters are free to download in 20 x 30 inches.

Visions of the Future Posters, NASA, FREE!

What gifts would you get for the horror or sci-fi fan in your life? Share in the comments!

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