The Best Alternative Film Posters

We all love a great, iconic movie poster. There is a growing trend of reimagining film posters, many examples of which can be found on Twitter.

Some are minimalistic, some are colourful and some are plain bad. For today’s post, I have put together 10 of the best alternative film posters of some of my favourite films – with links to the artists’ websites if you want to see more of their work.

film poster
Big Trouble in Little China by Zaki Hamdani

This poster of one of my favourite films is designed by Zaki Hamdani, you can find more of his work on his Behance page:

My favourite part of this alternative artwork is Kim Cattrall who looks more tormented and sinister than portrayed in the film, but this poster adds a very eerie feel that I feel compelled and drawn in by.

film poster
Alien by Paul Butcher

This alternative Alien poster is by Paul Butcher, you can find more of his work at his ArtStation page:

This is such an iconic film and though the original posters are good, this one embodies the sci-fi horror atmosphere that the film creates. What I really like about this though is that it gives me the same terrifying feeling of playing the game Alien: Isolation. It really drives home the survivor perspective with the portrayal of the xenomorph stalking away from you. Plus it features the unsung hero of the film – Jonesy the cat.

film poster
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Alexander Laccarino

This alternative film poster is designed by Alexander Laccarino, you can find more of his work at his website:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is not a happy film at all though it is a romantic film. The original film poster does not really lend itself to that portrayal though, which is why I liked this alternative version. The melancholic blue really drives home the point that unfortunately there are no winners when you mess with people’s memories.

film poster
Brick by Matt Taylor

This alternative film poster is designed by Matt Taylor – view his website: for more of his work.

This film involves a mystery of a missing teenage girl and the lengths that her friend has to go to find out the truth. As you can imagine, he finds himself riding the slippery slope towards nefarious people and groups. As it should be, this poster is very dramatic, using a body to underline its point. But it also creates contrast by creating a dramatic, Sin City-esque colour scheme.

film poster
The Terminator by Gabz

This alternative film poster is designed by Gabz – find more of their work on their website:

I just love the way they have combined the Terminator and the rest of the characters into this frightening image. With a dramatic backdrop of the future as shown in the films, the terminator takes front stage in all his metal glory. Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese add to the futility and drama of this poster with their hopeless expressions.

film poster
The Fifth Element by Vlad Rodriguez

This alternative film poster is designed by Vlad Rodriguez, find more of their work at their website:

This is possibly one of the best reimagining of a film poster I have seen. Featuring Leelo at the centre of the poster alluding to a later scene in the film. The rest of the poster also features other scenes from the film, giving us a climactic vision of the story.

The Princess Bride - Buttercup
The Princess Bride by Ise Ananphada

This alternative film poster is from Ise Ananphada, you can find more of their work at their Tumblr –

What I love about this Princess Bride alternative poster is that it has that story book vibe, which if you remember from the film it often takes you out of the “story” to go back to the grandson and grandfather. This makes it feel like a real fairytale of a film and it shows many famous scenes from the film.

District 9 - Poster - Illustration
District 9 by Cristian Eres

If you want to see more of Cristian Eres’ work, you can find it at

District 9 is one of my favourite science fiction films and I love this reimagining of the poster. It has that feel of a game such as Surviving on Mars with its bright design. And I feel like it sums up the feel of the film, with this iconic scene shown.

Zombieland - Film poster
Zombieland by markwelser

This artist features his work on but also has a shop where you purchase merchandise:

Though I love Woody Harrelson, this poster is amazing. It focuses on the zombies as all zombie posters probably should, but still has that comical feel of the film, with the zombie head tilt.

Poster - Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park by Ken Taylor

You can find more of Ken Taylor’s work at his website:

The original is pretty iconic in its own right, but I feel this film poster could have been just as iconic, if it was the original poster. Featuring the infamous T-Rex set against a jungle background with the remains of an overturned car really shows the menace that is a world filled with dinosaurs. The colours are muted which gives it an apocalyptic feel even though Jurassic Park is not set in that time period, more of a vision of the possibilities if dinosaurs came back.

Sidney Prescott - Dwight 'Dewey' Riley
Scream 5 poster by @creepyduckart

Last but very not least is this poster of Scream 5 by creepyduckdesign.

Anyway, this poster is fantastic, and really should be the official poster, as I doubt anything could top this vision. They should really hire this person in my opinion, and hopefully with the traction they have been getting on Twitter who knows. CreepyDuck has a lot of fantastic posters on his site and shared on his twitter page, that are just as good.

That’s it for alternative film posters, what posters do you like for your favourite movies?

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