Weird movies you need to see (part 2)

Following on from the first part of weird but good movies, this second part features even more weird movies for your viewing pleasure. In this second batch, we have movies that feature bodies disappearing under mysterious circumstances, a crime committed without the knowledge of the perpetrators of said crime, a man claiming a very long life and a mysterious teapot that can grant money and more.

The Body (2012)

The Body

Spain has a great reputation with me for creating brilliantly genius thrillers. We all know about David Lynch, but I would argue that Oriol Paulo is the director to watch. 

The Body has a pretty straightforward plot summary, but if you watch it, you will find out that there is a lot more that is hiding in the shadows. It follows Inspector Jaime Peña who is investigating the accident that left a night watchman in a coma. Along with this, the body of a woman has disappeared from the morgue where the nightwatchman works. The woman whose body is missing has a husband who is questioned. Peña starts to suspect the husband, believing her body was stolen to stop an autopsy from happening and is suspicious that the husband is quick to refer to his former wife in the past tense.

Watch The Body if you like mind-bending mysteries, that are unpredictable as they are engrossing.

Loft (2008)


Loft is a weird movie in that it starts with a crime that has been committed in a loft that is used by five close friends to see their mistresses. However, since they are the only ones who have access, one of them must have committed the crime. Distrust begins to sow amongst the group and they are faced with the decision of what to do with this grisly and bloody crime scene.

It is not often that we have the story told from the point of view of the murderers unless it is a serial killer movie. Through a series of flashbacks, we are given little pieces of the story that give answers but also provide more questions. 

The Man from Earth (2007)

The Man from Earth

This like others on this list is set completely in one room, where a professor tells a story that sounds completely implausible.

Professor John Oldman is leaving his job and decides to regale his colleagues at the last minute going away party with a science fiction story that has interesting philosophical questions. As time wears on during this dinner party, he soon reveals that this wild tale is in fact a true story about himself. His colleagues naturally react to this strange and puzzling revelation with shock, laughter and utter disbelief. Refusing to take what he is saying as fact, they continue to interrogate him to find out the true intentions behind this unbelievable secret he claims he has been keeping.

For something that mostly involves discussion around a living room, this film is utterly fascinating. Though it is featuring college professors, the subject and discussion are not lofty to make normal film lovers switch off. But instead, it provides fascinating philosophical questions that will leave you thinking about for days after viewing.

The Brass Teapot (2012)

The Brass Teapot

This is like a more humorous Cheap Thrills, though the instigator is not a person but the temptation provided by (as you guessed) it a teapot.

The Brass Teapot follows a couple who are finding it hard to make ends meet. John is coasting along as a telemarketer in a job he hates, and Alice who has set her sights high, cannot find work. Soon John is fired from his job, and a near-miss with their car puts them in front of an antique shop. Seeing the brass teapot, Alice feels compelled to steal it. Much to their fortune at first, they discover that the teapot gives them money whenever they hurt themselves. But how far will they go for the allure of unlimited riches?

The Brass Teapot is what I would call a dark comedy. It has a more silly side, but as you can imagine when things escalate, it gets a lot more sinister. It is this stark contrast that elevates it above the usual fare. I found both the lead actors to be charming, and it was their struggles between themselves mostly that I found most compelling.

The Gift (2015)

The Gift

The Gift is a bit of a mindfuck of a film. As with a lot of thrillers, knowing little is better for the best experience.

The Gift follows a young couple whose life is going as planned. Simon and Robyn have moved into a new house, after landing a great job. One day, as they are moving furniture into their new house, Gordon bumps into the couple. He introduces himself, saying that he and Simon were old friends during high school. After bidding them farewell, he later leaves them gifts on their doorstep and turns up uninvited at their work and house. Simon is agitated by this and demands that they no longer speak to Gordo. But Gordo leaves a note saying he will respect their wishes but hints at something that may have happened between him and Simon in the past. This piques Alice’s curiosity, who is confused by Simon’s odd behaviour since Gordo entered their lives.

This is one of those films, that will keep you guessing. No one in this is exactly a saint and it will be hard to figure how everyone’s intentions. But the payoff is completely worth it. For those who like dark and unnerving movies, this will be right up your alley. 

The Invisible Guest (2016)

The Invisible Guest

As I have mentioned further up, Oriol Paulo is a magnificent director and writer. I have loved all of his dark thrillers that I have watched and The Invisible Guest is no exception.

A wealthy businessman, Adrián Doria, is accused of murder, after being found locked in a room next to the dead body of his ex-lover. With the evidence almost irrefutable, he hires a prestigious defence attorney to come up with a solid defence. But time is running out for Adrián who only has 3 hours to discredit the prosecution’s case. The attorney asks that he tell her the whole truth so that she can help him.

The story is told in flashbacks, that Adrián is recalling to his defence attorney. Apart from those scenes, the whole movie is set in a hotel room. Nevertheless, it manages to keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end with its twists and turns. You have no idea throughout if any of what Adrián recounts is true or not, which makes the ending even more delicious.

So there you have it, weird but good movies to watch. What weird movies have you loved or hated? Let me know in the comments.

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