Weird But Good Movies You Need To See

I like a good weird movie, but sometimes it goes too far into the quacky side. Sometimes directors take the need to be original a bit too far, making the actual story of the film basically a jumbled mess. But when it manages to combine wacky ideas with a good storyline, it is like magic in the making. So for you, I have narrowed down 8 weird movies that are strange but also entertaining to watch. Many other sites have covered the more well-known weird movies, but as is the case on this site, I try to look for the lesser-known films.

The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect Host (2010)

Now if you are a massive fan of Frasier who also likes horror, this is a film for you. 

Starring David Hyde Pierce as Warwick is waiting for his guests to arrive for a dinner party. An on-the-run convict knocks on his door, taking cover from the police, by pretending to be a friend of a mutual acquaintance.

This is definitely a film to see blind, unfortunately, if you look up any information, it will spoil it. I am not sure why they even do this with the poster, but it is what it is. David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford are absolutely phenomenal in this. But it is definitely one of the stranger horrors, but manages to be utterly enjoyable as well.

Hardcore Henry (2015)

Hardcore Henry (2015)

What makes Hardcore Henry unique is not so much the story, but the style it is shot in. This film is completely shot in first-person, similar to a lot of popular games.

Though don’t get me wrong, the story is not exactly straightforward. Henry our protagonist in this film is resurrected from death with no memory whatsoever. His wife, who was instrumental in returning him to existence, explains he suffered an accident that not only left him without memory but also without voice. Soon after this, however, his wife is kidnapped by a telekinetic warlord who plans to use Henry’s wife to bioengineer soldiers.

I wouldn’t say that I would want every action movie to be like this, but it is definitely a novel approach – that’s for sure. 

In the Tall Grass (2019)

In the Tall Grass (2019)

In the Tall Grass is a pretty inexplicable movie about manipulation of time and space, that has terrifying effects for everyone trapped in this vast field of grass.

A brother and sister, stop the car near a tall grass field, after the sister Becky who is expecting needs to vomit. Whilst there, they hear the voice of a young boy who is lost in the grass. They enter the grass to find him, but they soon find that it is impossible to leave. But that may not be their worst problem, as a more nightmarish danger lurks in the shadows.

For those, who need exacting explanations for everything, this will surely disappoint you. But for those who don’t mind a more ambiguous film, this is definitely an engaging and strange movie.

Mom and Dad (2017)

Mom and Dad (2017)

I mean we have all had many horror movies with creepy murderous kids, so why not flip the script to have some creepy murderous adults. Mom and Dad is similar to Mayhem, in that the deaths are ridiculous and gleefully taken on, except instead of corporate workers, it is the parents.

With no explanation, parents in this suburban community will stop at nothing to kill their own flesh and blood – their children. With every parent gone mad, the kids of the Ryans must do whatever they can to survive.

Now, this is not something that is going to have a proper story arc, it is definitely a film about a murderous rampage that has no explanation at all. But if you are a fan of Nicolas Cage and love it when he goes off the deep end, this film is really for you.

13 Sins (2014)

13 Sins (2014)

Now if you have read my Cheap Thrills review, you will see that I compared it to this which is another hidden dare game that proceeds to go further than anyone can imagine.

13 Sins follows Elliot who is having a pretty rough time, with insane debts mounting gets fired by his horrible boss. Supporting his pregnant girlfriend, his disabled brother, and now forced to take in his racist father, he has hit rock bottom. So when a mysterious caller invites him to join in a game that promises to reward him money for doing 13 tasks, he jumps at the opportunity.

The Hidden Face (2011)

The Hidden Face (2011)

This is a weird mystery that you cannot predict how it is going to end. Even when certain mysteries are resolved, there is another influencing factor that spins this drama mystery on its head.

The Hidden Face revolves around an aspiring orchestra conductor Adrián and the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend Belén. In a heartbreaking video message, she tells him that she can no longer be with him. However, Adrián is perplexed by this sudden decision and involves the police. They cannot track her down, suspecting Adrián may be involved in her disappearance but ultimately find no evidence. With all avenues exhausted, a new lady enters his life.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Sorry to Bother You is a very absurd black comedy sci-fi that makes a statement on world economics, work balance, and racist stereotypes.

Sorry to Bother You follows Cash who struggling to pay rent or any of his bills. To provide for himself, and his girlfriend, he gets a job at RegalView. After a rocky start, a veteran employee suggests to him to put on a white-sounding voice. It works and he finally starts to succeed in his job. But trapped by success and greed, he finds himself getting further and further entangled in this morally abhorrent company. 

Well as you can tell, it is a pretty weird premise from the get-go, but trust me it does get stranger as the story moves forward. With the final twist, being quite a jaw-dropper. 

The One I Love (2014)

The One I Love (2014)

This is a romance drama that has a pretty wacky twist in its development of the story. 

Ethan and Sophie, are having marital problems who are confronted with the possible dissolution of their marriage. They are seeing a couples’ counsellor, who suggests that there is a disconnection between them and suggests that they have a romantic getaway in a secluded estate. However, their relationship is put to the test, when they realise this estate has a very odd quirk about it.

If you like movies that mess around with your mind, this is a film you will definitely want to watch.

So there you have it, weird but good movies to watch. What weird movies have you loved or hated? Let me know in the comments.

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