The Lovebirds Review – a lesser version of the Game Night

Racial profiling humour, Hit and Run, Murder, Torture, Sex references, Brief nudity, Blackmail, Corruption.

The trailer for The Lovebirds seemed promising, though as we all know trailers are there to put your best foot forward. And sometimes they don’t even show footage that is in the film. So it’s always wise to be sceptical.

And I had a right to be with The Lovebirds. In trying to merge comedy and crime mystery it misses the mark. This film felt like a lesser version of Game Night.

It starts off pretty well with the two lovebirds arguing about the amazing race and has some witty one-liners. But this soon becomes repetitive fast. Especially when they decide to do the talking over each other when trying to get out of a tough situation. These are all bits that have been done before and a lot better.

And I have to say I did not feel that much chemistry between the two lovers. Though they were meant to broken up, and this whole story is about them rekindling it, it just fell a bit flat. They were more like friends than two lovebirds. I mean I wasn’t exactly rooting for them to be together, in fact with their two different styles throughout The Lovebirds, they did not gel. And this showed hard in the film, it felt as if each actor had been given opposite details of what kind of comedy this should have been.

Let’s talk about that in detail. They make a few references to them both being ethnic minorities. This can be good comedy when done right. But other than stating the obvious, it did nothing to make me laugh. And it leaves much to be desired in their initial reaction towards the event that spurs the whole film into action. The other side was observational comedy. But this mostly focused on things no one would even care about such as leftover milkshake, so it felt very dry.

Now onto the mystery side of things in The Lovebirds. It seemed intriguing at first. A cop gets into a car and runs down a suspect – repeatedly. That’s when you realize it’s not all it seems. However, even there I felt a groan coming on. When they try to help the cop with directions in “police speak” it wasn’t so much comedic as cringe-worthy.

There is one good scene in The Lovebirds, when they pursue their first clue. But again it is marred by Jibran pretending to be normal by acting very weird and shouting that’s what normal people do. It’s as funny as that line I just typed out. And each trouble or fight they get into, they escape mostly by throwing random objects at people in a frenzy. We don’t expect civilians to have some moves, but something a little more interesting would have been nice. There is no fear at all behind the characters which if they had tried to perfect, might have made it more comedic than its current state.

It moves further on when they discover the actual mystery behind the murder of the cyclist. But apart from some tame nudity and masks, it didn’t pack the punch that a mystery should. In fact, I’m not really sure why anyone would care about that in film or reality. Especially as a crime. It didn’t seem that they had thought it through enough. And the whole “I’m nervous because a cop is nearby” is too tired maybe it should be put to rest.

I think what really killed The Lovebirds for me was that it was way too predictable. There were no surprises with the comedy, the plot or the ending really. I felt I knew what was going to happen the whole way through.

Though this is an OK film to watch, I would suggest watching The Lovebirds on a really slow night when you have run out of films. You will be much better served watching Game Night again.

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