My favourite and most hated genres

Now some of these won’t come as a shock. You can probably tell from my about page what my favourite genres are. But I bet you don’t know which genres I hate. Let’s get stuck in!


The Man from Earth

OK, this is my favourite genre, I have to say out of all of them. It doesn’t get a lot of love in Hollywood and is usually paired with another genre like action or comedy – to appeal to the masses I guess. It allows us to imagine how the best of humanity can create a brighter future such as the Star Trek franchise, with its removal of money and aspiring to values that bring everyone together but understand and appreciate differences. It also shows us all the potential dangers out there when we explore or create technology we don’t fully understand. Unfortunately, the sci-fi genre has a lot of rubbish out there too. Sometimes people try to be too cerebral with it and their message gets lost somewhere along the way. The Man From Earth is a great example of a cerebral sci-fi that gets it right. Or they focus more on action than actual science-fiction, and rarely find the right balance. Still, even with all its flaws I love it, and I am hoping that we can get more franchises of quality like Alien to win people over in the future.


The Thing

Horror is without a doubt the most mixed bag of all the genres. There are people pumping out horror films every day and a lot of them are no better than straight to DVD releases. But when it is done right it is excellent. I’ve never been a fan of the gore-tastic films such as the later Saw films, and once it loses all sense of reason I’m not very interested. But films like Hush or The Night Eats The World are, for me, at the pinnacle of what good horror films can be. It’s crazy as a species we just love to be scared but I’m thankful that most people love a good scare as much as I do. And The Thing (1982) is the most perfect film in my humble opinion. Who does not love a bit of paranoia and Kurt Russell in the same film? Check out my 20 Most Compelling Horror Films or Best Halloween movies for ideas of what to watch next.


The Body

Nothing is better than a good mystery. You get to see a puzzle unfold with surprising twists, all the while pretending you are the detective. Maybe it’s because I grew up reading Agatha Christie novels, but a mystery is one of the more fun genres. Though I am glad we have become a bit more sophisticated in our storytelling from Agatha Christie over time, with the best of modern mysteries being able to thread a convoluted plot with rising tension without succumbing to plot holes, unbelievable leaps or tedium. Gone Girl is a modern classic and foreign powerhouses like The Invisible Guest and The Body push this genre to a whole new level.



I hate westerns. To me, it is the most boring genre to have ever existed. Full of sand and dust with some cowboys fighting over land that is not theirs to start with and oppressing other cultures – not so much fun to be had. Plus they always seem really long as well. There is a lot of macho culture in it, which as a lady I just don’t find that interesting. Also, it is usually based on American west culture which I am not so much of a fan of and at best is problematic. That’s not to say I don’t like a good struggle against the wilderness but I prefer more of the survival films for that. I hated The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and I’m not ashamed to say it.


Before Sunrise

I find that most romance films are either too cheesy or they push terrible gender dynamics that would be stalkerish in the real world. The basic formula (though it seems to be changing) – is pursuing a girl until she is tired of saying no and falls in love with you. Real-life that would be a restraining order in the making. I don’t believe any guy or girl would like someone who they have no interest in, ignoring all their boundaries because they have decided they are the one. Usually based on a brief meeting where they have judged them to be physically attractive. They are more abusive and controlling than romantic. If I do have any favourite romantic films, it is usually tinged with sadness or feels more realistic than what they usually pump out there. I am a fan of the Before Sunrise which though only has two characters talking through the whole series, is one of the more interesting romances I’ve seen.


Here comes the Boom

OK, I like a good comedy especially a black comedy, but it is so hard to get right. Sometimes I cannot be bothered with the genre at all. There are a lot of films out there that think they are far funnier than they actually are. They rely on using shock factor talking about not normally discussed topics like genitals to show how edgy they are, or my other least favourite tactic which was done (to death) by Lethal Weapon years ago – making jokes about how out of touch or old they are. Side-eyeing the new Bad Boys film here. If the trailer doesn’t even seem funny, that when it’s awful. Though I have to say Here Comes The Boom really surprised me and is a really feel-good comedy film that I highly recommend.

What are your favourite and hated genres? Share below in the comments.

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