11:14 Review – A Poor And Unrealistic Black Comedy

Gun violence, car accident, murder, removed appendages.

The theory of this 11:14 was an interesting concept, but for me, the theory was a lot more interesting than its execution. I find myself very often being disappointed by non-linear timelines in most movies, as they usually seem to be used to pad out a very shallow story. Though the technical execution is always very impressive, they often neglect everything else within the film.

The plot summary of 11:14 is very short and sweet. A car crash happens in a small American town and the film shows the lead-up to those events from several characters’ perspectives, which converge to tell you a story of murder and deceit.

It begins with a body from the overpass crashing into a drunk driver’s car, whose inebriated state lead him to drastic decisions. On the other side of town, three bored pranksters pay a high price for their antics. And at a convenience store, a botched robbery lands the clerk in the backseat of a cop car. All these events are interwoven and through flashbacks, the story will reveal itself. I mean that premise sounds pretty interesting to me, but I felt that the characters’ actions throughout lacked sense.

11:14 happens during one night which I am a fan of, but that’s where my fandom ends. This black comedy, if you could really call it that, was not for me. It was interesting to see, how all the events came together, as I was a bit intrigued why certain characters were acting the way they were. But the big reveal was a bit of a let-down to me. It did not explain why things were happening, unless you are meant to believe that people can be that stupid. Which is a real shame, as the first half of the movie had promise.

Also, half of it of 11:14 seemed very unrealistic in its depictions of what people would do. Some characters such as Patrick Swayze’s character – immediately jumped to conclusions based on little evidence and committed crimes for no apparent reason. All the characters were pretty much the cause of their own destruction. It seemed to be more about a film of how not to be stupid. And I did not really find the point of it. I did not care about any of the characters whatsoever, and they seemed to be creating their own destruction for god knows why.

The acting was pretty terrible as well, in my opinion. I don’t know if that was the point to act terribly, as their characters were pretty dumb but it did not work. Some characters were clearly meant to be uneducated and lacking in sense, but I still did not find it very realistic. I was more annoyed by the shallow stupidity than anything else. Perhaps if we had fewer perspectives in this jam-packed movie, there would have been more time to understand the motivations of all the individuals. 11:14 could have done with some backstory for all the characters.

My main feeling at the end of 11:14 was not satisfaction, but of wasted time. The film could have been 30 minutes long and you would have felt a lot less cheated by this pointless story. The way the story was structured, by telling short snippets of each perspective, felt like a ploy to trick us into thinking the film was better than it was.

If you are looking for a black comedy/mystery, 11:14 does not meet up to expectations in my opinion. You are better off, looking elsewhere in that sub-genre.

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